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"I engaged Donna for a private "ACT intensive" when my rising junior and I were in Sarasota over the summer for grandparent care. This was a leap of faith as I found her by googling 'ACT tutoring learning disabilities Sarasota'. How lucky we were! Donna has a gentle, systematic and programmatic approach that my son responded well to - she identified the areas where the biggest gains could be made, clued him in to many useful strategies, and helped him chart his progress.  He left town with a game plan and confidence for working independently at home."
Debbie, Cleveland, OH
"Donna has been such a wonderful breath of fresh air. My daughter hated going to school and would even get physically ill before leaving for school in the mornings and she would miss school. We hired Donna before the school year started and my daughter has a whole new attitude about school. She wakes up when I do in the mornings and is ready over an hour before school starts. She is even requesting to take classes online to catch up with her classmates. She has gone from 4 F's to straight A's so far this year in almost 100% in all classes. I am so grateful for the help and for Donna helping to get her excited about school and learning."
Kelly, Bradenton, FL
"When my son was a junior, I wanted to hire a tutor to prepare
him for the ACT test. After asking numerous parents, Donna was consistently recommended without hesitation. After meeting with my son, she accurately evaluated his strengths and weaknesses and did an outstanding job of motivating him to work hard and do his best. Donna taught him study techniques that could apply to all his courses, not just the ACT. She exhibited genuine interest in wanting my son to succeed, and he did. His performance on the ACT exceeded my expectations. Based on his ACT score my son was admitted to the college of his choice, earned a 100% Bright Futures Scholarship and was offered several scholarships that were directy attributed to his ACT score. That would not have happened without Donna' skill and guidance.
On a personal level, Donna is a humble, kind person. She is thoughtful and patient. Her moral code is superiour, and she is a great role model for children and parents alike."    J.M., Sarasota, FL
"Donna Marcantonio has worked as an SAT Prep Tutor for your two high school age children. We highly recommend Donna. In addition to being an outstanding tutor, she relates well to teenagers - altering her teaching style to match different children's learning abilities.
Our son's SAT score increased over 200 points and he is now in the Honors Program at college. Our daughter's score improved over 100 points. Through Donna's patience and ability, both our children gained testing self assurance and were able to decipher each section with confidence and accuracy.
As a result of these succeses, we recommended Donna to other parents for both SAT and ACT tutoring. In every case, these children have significantly increased their scores."
Howard & Bryna Tevlowitz, Sarasota, FL
"Donna has worked with our family on several ocassions. When my daughter was 11 she was having difficulty reading larger words and getting her thoughts on paper. We suspected that she was dyslexic and dysgraphic. Donna worked with her dilligently, in a kind and patient manner. We were amazed at what Donna was able to accomplish in my daughter's reading and writing. When we did finally have formal testing done the educational psychologist was impressed with her progress, given her diagnosis, and asked what special instruction she had received. We believe working with Donna made a huge difference in her achievement.
Donna also worked with my son in ACT prep. He received excellent scores and was accepted at all the colleges to which he applied.
 Finally, when my daughter was preparing to attend college, we enlisted Donna's help to prepare for the college placement test given at our local community college. My daughter scored in the 99th percentile for reading comprehension. Quite an accomplishment for a dyslexic student! We have been blessed to work with Donna and appreciate her gifts in working with students to achieve excellence."
Pattie Harper, Sarasota, FL 941-685-9582
"Our son's fourth grade report cards have risen from 'needs help' to 'satisfactory and good'. With Donna's help, his improved grades have increased his self esteem and assurance....Donna is punctual, neat, courteous and has a good sense of humor. Her enthusiasm and insight when working with children make her an excellent teacher."
A.C., Wantagh, NY
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